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Classical and Romanian blinds


Fabric, manufactured of bamboo, jute and reed fiber outstands for cozy features and a vast variety of patterns that is typical to natural material.


  • suitable for decoration of various interior types and styles
  • a vast choice of lifting mechanisms
  •  compact – lifted does not block a window
  • ecologic – bamboo grows without pesticides; any chemical substances are used for producing bamboo tincture. That is gained, using a traditional technology – by heating

Mechanism types:




 Fabric collection

Fabric collection consists of 30 different bamboo, wood, jute, paper and reed models.

Types of fabric fibers:

Bamboo („B“ series) – fabric, woven of bamboo strips, has been known from the ancient times.
Bamboo has been a popular material to weave in China starting up to 2000 years ago. Nowadays this ecological and mechanically hardy material plays an important role in different spheres.

  • Wood („W“ series) – tropical forests wood
  • Reed (“R” series) – natural reed.
  • Jute (“J” series) – jute fiber of various colors.
  • Paper (“P” series) – specially impregnated paper, made of natural cellulose. Light permeability depends on fabric model, some models do not transmit light at all.

Maximal dimensions:

  • Width: 2.0 m. (“P” models), 2.4 m. (all other models)
  • Height: up to 4.0 m. (depends on type of the mechanism)



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