Note:According to the width, depending on the chosen mechanism and material.

If You want to make Your home comfortable and harmonious and You are planning to buy new curtains for Your home or office, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer all Your questions. Consultations are free of charge. 

There are privacy and dim-out curtains. The first type is lighter, brighter, usually in various shades of white. It is used during the day. When the night falls you hide behind dim-out curtains. We offer wide range of fabric choice. You can choose curtains to suit to Your interior style, main colours or furniture design.


  • Curtains can be both short and long, reach the floor or rest on it.
  • You can choose privacy curtains made from light and transparent fabrics.
  • We offer to purchase original dark-coloured and thick-woven fabric dim-out curtains. It's excellent protection against intrusive morning sunlight and noise from the outside.
  • Curtains can both perform protective function and decorate a window.
  • Elaborate draping of curtains provides stylish and modern look. Dare to experiment.

Curtains help to bring comfort to home and other spaces. Curtains are very important element of interior that allows to create unique environment. 

We are always ready to answer Your questions and assist in choosing the right curtain fabric. We look forward to Your queries via e-mail or phone. Contact us now.


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