Security blind-shutters

Price from: 36.20 EUR/m*

Note:According to the width, depending on the chosen mechanism and material.

Security blinds-shutters. Thieves need more time to break these blinds open than usual, which draws attention of people and can protect home from burglary. They can save up to forty percent of the heat and reduce the noise. These blinds are made from high quality aluminium, filled with polyurethane. Protective blinds are suitable not only to cover the windows, but doors and garage doors as well.

If you would like to receive more information about protective blinds-shutters and their benefits, please contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.

  Distinguishing advantages of security blinds-shutters are next:

  • protect the room from direct sunlight and overheating in the summer;
  • reduce the noise that enters the room and save energy in heating;
  • protect from extreme weather conditions: heavy rains, wind, snowstorm;
  • suitable for windows, doors and garage doors;
  • mounted on the window frame, recessed, mounted above the recess (on the wall);
  • operated by string, handle or motor;
  • are produced from high quality and durable material (aluminium).

When lowered security blinds-shutters close tightly, making it impossible to see what is going on inside. For protection against thieves there is additional locking mechanism installed. It prevents the blinds from being forced open. Two options of operation are available for security blinds: manual or automatic. Manual operation employs string, gearbox or a spring-loaded mechanism. Automatic control is available with a lock, switch or remote control.

We are always ready to provide more information about security blinds-shutters. We offer free consultations via phone and e-mail.

Product Set

Armour plate profile and a head-box for concealing the armour, tube in the head-box – to cradle the armour, side guides, that enable armour gliding, control device to lower and lift the armour. Note, that all profiles are filled with polyurethane foam.


UAB Žaliuzių Pasaulis


Blinds are provided with 24 months warranty, automation has a 5 year warranty.

Mode of control

Security blinds come in four methods of operation:

· Electric. For this method of control a special electric gear is required (motor). Using key switch or remote control You employ it to lift the blind-shutter automatically. This method of operation enables You to integrate blind-shutters into one system and control a number of shutters at the same time.

· Mechanical. This one is represented by mechanical gear. By winding a handle You will be able to roll the armour curtain up and conceal it in a head-box or adjust at desired height.

· Manual. Device has a special manual gear. Armour curtain is folded and concealed in a hea-dbox by pulling the cord.

· Gear device is employed to lift armour curtain. Once the armour has been lowered (i.e. shutters are closed) it is locked with key. Bottom slat has a lock.


You can choose where to mount these blinds: in a recess, or on a recess, on window frame, or on a wall.

Profile Specifications

39 mm, 45 mm, 52 mm, 77 mm aluminium profile and 41 mm extruded aluminium profile.

Box measurements

137 mm, 150 mm, 165 mm, 180 mm, 205 mm, 250 mm.

Measurements of guides

53 mm, 79 mm.


3.04 – 6.14 kg/sq. m


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