Mini blinds

Price from: 10.14 EUR/m*

Note:According to the width, depending on the chosen mechanism and material.

Mini blinds are an excellent and cost-effective solution for covering small window. Many have recognized the benefits of having roller blinds at home or in office. All mini blinds work perfectly for dimming the lighting, blocking sun heat (rays), privacy preservation, and as part of interior. When choosing blinds You can choose fabric and method (one out of a three) of installation. They can be mounted on ceiling, on the wall above window, or, routinely, on window frame.

If You need more information about mini blinds and their benefits, please contact us and we will be happy to answer Your questions. 

Mini blinds can be installed in both plastic and other types of windows. Their benefits to consumer are big: 

  • protect the room from direct sunlight;
  • possibility to adjust indoor lighting;
  • protect from nosy looks;
  • easily operated by chain;
  • manufactured only from long lasting, high-quality materials;
  • have one year of warranty;
  • we can offer the lowest price.

Mini blinds are suitable for any room at home or office. They complement home interior

perfectly and provide distinctive charm. Roller blinds are modern, practical and world-wide popular way

to cover Your windows. Select fabric that suits Your interior and You will create a genuinely comfortable

atmosphere at home or in the office.

Mini-blinds stand out because of attractive pricing. Mini blinds have no cassette. The system is simple:

instead of guide rails, which hold the fabric, system employs transparent rope. This is the cheapest fabric

roller blind system that can be fitted on window frame. They are easy to operate by chain. Control

mechanism can lock at any height. Mini blinds mean comfortable home and protection from direct


Contact us by indicated contacts and we will be happy to give You free consultation.

Product Set

Set includes: blind fabric of Your choice, main aluminium tube, plastic brackets, control device and bottom bar.

Control method

Blinds are controlled by a chain. If You pull it, blinds will be lifted or lowered. Once Youloose hold of it, the roller will stop – this way You can fix it at desired height.


These blinds offer three possibilities for mounting: on a ceiling, on window frame or on the wall above the window of Your choice. You can choose where to mount the blinds.

Tube diameter

19 mm

Maximum width

1.8 m*

Maximum height

2 m*
*will depend on fabric that You choose


UAB Žaliuzių Pasaulis


24 months


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