Panel blinds

Price from: 57.92 EUR/m*

Note:According to the width, depending on the chosen mechanism and material.

Panel blinds come in huge diversity. They can be comprised of several different fabrics or colours. When sliding, blind vanes overlap and create unique atmosphere in the room. Fabric panels remains clean due to convenient operation mechanism. Panels are controlled by string with tassel. Blinds open when string is pulled, and close after pulling another one. When blinds are opened all panels slide into one side of the window, covering only area of one panel size.

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Our panel blinds have following qualities:

  • perfect room protection from direct sunlight and eyes of strangers;
  • manufactured from high quality and durable materials;
  • blinds can combine several fabrics or colours;
  • suitable not only for covering windows, but also for separation of spaces;
  • can cover large-sized windows or recesses;
  • typical mounting employs ceiling or recess;
  • convenient control by string;
  • panels are available in various width.

Panel blinds are an excellent way to divide room spaces as well. For example, you can separate kitchen from living room, or divide work areas in office. Blinds are mounted in ceiling or in recess using ceiling brackets. Panel width can range from 1.31 ft to 3.34 ft. This type of blinds is perfect to cover large windows or recesses.

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Product Set

Top bar for mounting the blind, control device, which consists of chain and string, string strips, strip tag and weight.


These blinds can be mounted on a wall, ceiling or on window frame and in a recess.


UAB Žaliuzių Pasaulis


24 months

Mode of control

Once You pull the cord the strings will slide to one side or another, or to the sides from the centre. By operating the chain You can change the angle of strips. Manual control method.

Tube diameter

89 mm

Maximum width

3.5 m

Maximum height

3 m
*will depend on fabric that You choose


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