Photo blinds

Price from: 34.75 EUR/m*

Note:According to the width, depending on the chosen mechanism and material.

If You've had enough of boring interior, we can offer a perfect solution to upgrade Your home: photo blinds. Blinds can feature any of Your favourite photos. Using process of chemical transfer we will place the picture of Your choice on a special fabric for any type of roller blinds. We have a wide range of photos, but You can use Your own photo and design exceptional blinds. 

Are You interested in photo blinds? We are ready to answer Your questions. We look forward to Your queries. 

Photo blinds fulfil the usual function of blinds: protect room from sunlight and nosy looks. But they can also perform as great marketing tool if you choose to print Your company logo or relevant information on photo blinds. Photo blinds can also replace old curtains or blinds in private house and provide it with playful, romantic and novel window blinds.


  • This method of window treatment fulfil aesthetic function as well as protective. We offer a wide range of fabric themes and selection of colours. You can also use Your own picture.
  • Any image of any colour can be transferred on photo roller. Any type of blind can be used to produce photo roller blinds.
  • Though, these blinds are manufactured through chemical process, but odourless paint that is employed in production results in vivid colours of high precision. Thus You can use photo roller for decoration of children's room.
  • Photo blinds will help you to create unique interior space.

Using photo blinds You can create a tropical or mountain atmosphere in Your room or office, or enjoy the company of favourite heroes, or colour combination of Your choice. Dare to open your house for novelty, vibrant colours and surprising interior solutions.

We will be happy to answer any questions You have about photo blinds. Please contact us.

Product Set

Photo blind set consists of: aluminium tube, cassette or brackets, plastic side caps or metal control system, special photo fabric with the picture of Your choice, bottom bar and side tracks.

Control method

Height of blinds is adjusted with the help of a chain. Blinds can be fixed at any height once You stop pulling it.


These blinds can be mounted on a ceiling or window frame or on the wall above the window.

Tube diameter

19, 25 and 32 mm

Maximum width

In accordance with the type of blinds*

Maximum height

In accordance with the type of blinds*
*will depend on fabric that You choose


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24 months

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