External Venetian blinds

Price from: 101.37 EUR/m*

Note:According to the width, depending on the chosen mechanism and material.

External Venetian blinds is efficient method of protection against the sunlight that enters the room. They suit both for private houses and offices. 

Contact us, If You are interested in e xternal Venetians and need more information. We will be happy to give free consultation via phone or email. 

External Venetian blinds are installed outside of the building. External Venetians are usual choice for vertical aluminium or glass facade. However, these blinds can be installed on pitched surfaces. All is needed is to calculate the load, which falls on standard fasteners.  Advantages of external blinds:


  • The most effective protection against the sun.
  • Since the air between the blind and window doesn't heat up, the room will stay cool in summertime.
  • During the day You will have a pleasant shade inside, and in the evening you will be able to let more sunlight in.
  • You can adjust the room lighting by directing light to the ceiling or to the floor.
  • Simple maintenance. Blinds are cleaned similarly to glass facade: from the outside of building.
  • Convenient control mechanism: automatic (motor, switch or remote control) or manual (handle).
  • An extensive range of colours allows to match blinds to the colour of building facade, or on the contrary, to choose a combination of opposite colours.
  • Allows You to save space, since they are mounted on the window frame or on the outside wall.
  • External Venetian blinds protect from annoying sunlight, rain, wind, street noise.
  • Reliability: aluminium construction, anti-corrosive properties, resistance to UV rays.
  • Reduced conditioning costs.

External Venetian blinds will allow to create a quality work environment in offices. Manufactured from aluminium, the product is environmentally friendly, because it can later be recycled. In the summertime these blinds will protect Your room from the heat, and in the winter will help to save energy. 

We look forward to Your queries via phone or email. We will assist You in choosing Your blinds and provide You with information.

Product Set

Automated or manual control system, guides, brackets and head-box.


In a recess or on a recess or on window frame and on a wall.


UAB Žaliuzių Pasaulis


24 months

Mode of control

You can choose the mode of control – manual or automated – and employ it to lift, lower or tilt the slats.

Tube diameter

60 and 65 mm


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