Thermal blackout roller blinds

Price from: 43.44 EUR/m*

Note:According to the width, depending on the chosen mechanism and material.

For those who are tired of intrusive sunlight, engineers have developed a product: thermal blackout roller blinds. This is the most effective way to protect Yourself from the sun. The fabric of these blinds can reflect more than 80% of sunlight that enters the room. 

We provide free advice on our products and their functions. Call or send us an email and we will answer Your questions. 

Thermal blackout roller blinds are effective protection not only in summertime. They perform the same functions as any other roller blinds, but provide significantly stronger protection from sunlight. Of course, it is very effective to install these blinds in south-side apartments or offices.


  • Thermal blackout roller blinds effectively protect against sunlight, which irritates eyes or disturbs You while You work.
  • Protect rooms from infra-red rays.
  • Thermal blackout roller blinds let in only minimal amount of sunlight that is needed for space lighting and quality of Your day-to-day life so You could be able to relax or work.
  • Room protection against overheating.
  • This type of roller blinds prevents sun reflection on TV or computer screen, so You can work efficiently or relax while watching TV or playing games.
  • Blackout blinds reduce air conditioning costs.
  • These blinds are installed inside of the room.

To effectively protect rooms from sunlight, choose the blackout blinds. These roller blinds will help You to create an exquisite interior and protect rooms from sunlight. 

If You are interested in blackout roller blinds, contact us and we will be happy to provide all the necessary information.

Product Set

Roller blind set includes fabric of Your choice, aluminium parts – cassette, tube, bottom bar, side tracks, and plastic parts – special bar end caps and control device.

Control method

Roller blind is controlled by a chain. The portion of roller-covered window is adjusted by pulling the chain. You can fix the roller at any height after You stopped pulling.


The main concealing cassette is secured at the top of a window with special screws. Afterwards side tracks are affixed to window sash.

Tube diameter

1.9 cm

Maximum width

1.8 m*

Maximum height

2 m*
*will depend on fabric that You choose


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24 months

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